• I wonder if my temperature gauges are reading correctly.
  • Are my turbo’s delivering the right level of boost?
  • Is my turbo waste gate functioning properly?


  • What is my fuel pressure like?
  • Is my engine timing set correctly?
  • Wonder if my fuel economy is the same as the stated figure?

Six questions which as a Harbour Master at the small leisure and commercial port of Brightlingsea on the East Coast, I have never really considered when talking to both  berth holders and visiting boats.

However having being involved in powerboating for over 30 years, they are things which have been small niggles at the back of my mind on occasions, as I’m sure they have been with many other boaters and pleasure craft users with a small amount of mechanical understanding.

However when we start to look into cause and effect we quickly realize that even in isolation if we have anyone of these problems or even a doubt, we can be losing, Economy, Safety, and Performance and Pease of Mind.

Whilst working with the team at Unichip Marine, in a consultative role, I have had an opportunity to ask some questions, air some views, dispel some myths and make some suggestions during their development of the Unichip Marine system, bringing reality and usability to the system.

So a heads up display linked to your vessels existing electronic display that can display and assist with the diagnosis of any of the above issues leading to better Economy, Safety and Performance in a plug and play type module to specifically fit my vessel, without the need for routing wiring, cutting my dash panel to install new gauges and a marine electronics expert, supported by UniChip Marines technical help line.