VirCru Hub-2 Launch Bundle


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VirCru’s Hub-2 Launch Bundle gives you Battery, High Water & Security monitoring, our Location-based functionality & more. (Requires subscription)

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Technical Details Hub: Supply Voltage 8-32V DC Supply Current Max 500mA, Typical 5mA Internal rechargeable lithium backup battery, typical life 1 week with no external power Dimensions 100mm diameter x 35mm high Cable Length 2m Fused Cable Termination 2 x 10mm rings All fixings 316l grade stainless steel Mounting, Ultra-Easy Dual Lock System Tag Powered by internal CR2477 Lithium battery with 10 years life Tag Dimensions 66x62x18mm Magnet Dimensions 25x8x9mm Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape Flood Powered by an internal CR2477 Lithium battery with 10 years life Dimensions 66x62x18mm Cable length 200mm Mounting 3m Dual Lock / VHB Tape

The VirCru Launch Bundle with Hub-2 enables you to monitor:

1 x Battery Pack
Boat Angle
High Water Sensor
Door Opened (via our Smart Tag)
GPS, 2G/4G and Wireless Connectivity

Also, delivered through the App are our Trip and Inventory Management Systems.

The VirCru Hub-2 Launch Bundle comes with:

VirCru Connected Hub-2
VirCru Tag
VirCru High Water Sensor

VirCru Hub Manual
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