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Unichip Marine's philosofy; “let's make it better” applies to better performance, better reliability and better safety. Engines are our passion and this philosofy has driven us to produce the first engine control unit specificaly designed for the harsh marine environment.

Unichip Marine was originaly formed as a partnership between a renowned race car engine tuner and the owner of a UK based boat chandlery and marina. Both having many years of experience working first with the best motorsport teams and secondly understanding requirements for marine engines. The passion is engines, making them safer, more reliable and consequently, more powerful.

Initially purchasing a SeaRay 215 with a Mercruiser petrol engine it was quickly established how archaic, marine engine technology was, especially in engine control and emission requirements – this being reflected in the poor performance of this boat.

With the background in engine technology, the boats engine was quickly modified, vastly improving performance and reliability. Speaking with other boat and pleasure craft owners, it was recognised how common it was for boat owners to experience niggling engine problems and poor performance / economy.

Modern engine control systems monitor many parameters on the engine providing the ability to still perform under fault conditions. However, this level of technology is extremely basic on older boat engines. As an example, older boats will experience up to a 50% drop in engine performance if the engine coolant temperature sensor fails. Due to the technology used on these older craft, there are many system checks that can only be diagnosed and resolved by marine engineers often resulting in large diagnostic repair bills. Do not forget that most marine engineers are trained and experienced on modern systems from the last decade, not with the older systems that many of us still use.   

These problems, often caused by faulty wiring and gauges, could simply be improved utilising a modified version of technology currently used in the automotive industry. Therefore, the idea for Unichip Marine was born – a simple to install system yet, sophisticated in its control and personalised to a marine environment that would provide boat owners with the precise information they need to control fuel economy, manage safety and improve performance.

Every boat operator would like to get on plane a little quicker. The Unichip Marine module will allow you to get there.


During the development on the Unichip Marine system it was quickly established that in order for these engines to perform well, they require a good fuel supply, however this can be a challenge again due to the marine environment. The decision was taken to add fuel pressure sensors to the system in order to correctly monitor this. Many older craft do not utilise these despite being a valuable diagnostic aid and importantly, an early warning system for potential problems.

Older engines usually do not convey this diagnostic information to the modern, up to date chartplotter/MFD units even though the functionality exists within the MFD. Therefore, a massive hole exists within the market for a plug in system that communicates engine data to the chart plotter on the helm. It seams pointless paying money to have many great features and not use them. What was needed was a system that made it simple for the boat owner to utilise.

Unichip Marine quickly evolved from a simple performance enhancement unit to a fully functioning control unit that will display engine data and alarm warnings on the MFD and only deliver increased performance if it is safe to do so. This is essential for medium sized sports cruisers which often need a small upgrade in terms of performance, reliability and electronics delivering a huge improvement to fuel efficiency and emission control.



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