Does the Unichip Marine System add more strain to the components?

Yes it does, however it is still well within design tolerances and the added safety the system adds to the stock setup is far superior. The Unichip Marine system is the safest form of tuning than other options available on the marine market. Ultimately, it adds a level of protection that was not available from the original engine manufacturer.


I am worried about the additional strain on my engine and cooling system.

With the Unichip Marine system fitted we found a reduction of over 150 deg C in exhaust gas temperature from stationary to on plane cruise. Whilst cruising at planing speed we recorded a reduction of 60 deg C in exhaust gas temperature.

Will Unichip Marine work with older engines?

Older engines have no provisions for communicating the engine data to MFD chart plotters. However, with our simple product, just plug in your NMEA2000 cable and all available engine data will be on your MFD along with alarms and warning lights. 

What engines is Unichip Marine compatible with?

The Unichip Marine can run on any kind of boat. However, it is only plug and play compatible with the Mercruiser D-Tronic engine. We will soon be offering plug and play compatibility for the Kad300 and Volva Penta range of engines. If you would like a custom fit solution, please get in touch for more details.







Bought a new all singing all dancing chart plotter and MFD unit for your boat?  Disappointed that you can’t get your engine data on the display?

Unichip Marine have the solution. A simple 1 plug system that enables older powerplants to communicate information via a nmea2000 network to your MFD. The Unichip Marine system also adds additional sensors to your engine that help to prevent serious failures and help diagnose potential problems associated with marine engines. 

By utilising many years in endurance motorsport engine tuning, we can offer you up to 30% better fuel economy, quicker to get on plane and a much safer vessel. By allowing you to reach planing speed easier and quicker, you in turn reduce engine strain by a considerable amount.

Aside from making your engine more efficient in all manners, the system also adds additional sensors to the exhaust and fuel filter to make you aware of potential problems that can be robbing you of economy, performance and increasing the potential for a breakdown.





The Unichip Marine system has evolved in the past 12months from a 1 plug simple plug and play system to a fully functioning engine diagnostic and warning system aimed at the older pleasure market of sports cruiser craft.

The Unichip marine system has 2 remarkably simple goals -  easy to fit and a safer more enjoyable boating experience.

The product has developed from a simple performance enhancement unit to a fully functioning control unit that will only give added performance if it is safe to do so and display engine data and alarm warnings on the MFD. This is truly a must have for the medium size sports cruiser from the turn of the century, needing a little upgrade in terms of performance, reliability and electronics. 

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