Plug and Play for the Mercruiser
D-Tronic, Kad300 and Volvo Penta Range of Engines

How Does Unichip Marine Increase Safety?

The initial aim of Unichip Marine was to improve performance, however the scope of the project soon expanded to include safety. Unlike the automotive industry, boating engine technology lags far behind, and many boat owners report issues with engine safety and reliability – mainly caused by the marine environment. Typical problems include engines overheating, faulty wiring, corrosion and fuel quality issues, something that rarely occurs with our daily use of cars.

What exacerbates these problems is that many boat owners are totally unaware that their boat engines are in such bad shape. Although there is instrumentation on the dashboard with warning alarms for coolant temperatures and oil pressure, there is often so much happening on a boat, that many operators don’t comprehend what is happening. Or even more problematic is when the gauges on the boat are not even working, so the operator doesn’t even know that equipment on the boat is malfunctioning.

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Unichip Marine re-organises everything into one simple, intuitive ECU. You’ll be able to accurately assess fuel pressure, turbo boost pressure, engine temperature and engine speed with alarms linked to exhaust gas temperature and engine temperature.

All the information is transmitted through a NMEA2000 plug and play communication line which is a standard protocol used to connect marine sensors and display units within ships and boats. The use of engine sensors rather than gauge sensors ensures that you are aware of any breakdowns with your machinery.



Improved Communication with Chart Plotters

These days, digital chart plotters are valuable pieces of equipment that have the ability to provide you with so much more than just digital charts and water depth. They can also provide you with much more critical information coming straight from the engine. The problem with older boats is that their engines are so old, there is a lack of effective communication between these two components. Many boat operators find that they pay a lot of money for these chart plotters, but most of the features do not work. The solution to this is an engine interface – but these are costly and they have to be wired in with the analogue sensors, and configured to work with your equipment.

With the Unichip Marine, there is no wiring, no computing nor any calibrating. To make your chart plotter effective all you need to do is plug the Unichip Marine in between the engine and the engine control module and you will get a secondary set of engine data on your chart plotter. You will have boost pressure, fuel pressure, coolant temperature and everything else you need to know. If a problem does occur, and coolant temperature goes too high or fuel pressure dips too much, your chart plotter will immediately display an alarm.





If you have an Mercruiser D-Tronic, Kad300 or Volvo Penta engine, or would like a custom fit installation, get in touch with us at Unichip Marine.

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