Increased Sea Borne Safety With Increased Performance Data Capability!

How Does Unichip Marine Increase Safety?

The initial aim for the development of Unichip Marine was to reduce the cost of marine leisure ownership by decreasing costly maintenance, fuel usage and the subsequent emissions emitted. Once designed, the scope for this project soon expanded to include sea borne safety. Unlike the automotive industry, boat engine technology lags behind, with many boat owners reporting engine safety and reliability issues – typical problems include engines overheating, faulty wiring, corrosion and fuel quality, issues that are mainly caused by the harsh marine environment.

These issues are generally exasperated as many boat owners remain unaware that their boat engines are not operating as they should. Although usually, there is instrumentation displayed on the helm with warning alarms for coolant temperatures and oil pressure etc. however, there is often so much happening on a boat that many operators don't comprehend the importance of this data. Even more problematic is when the gauges do not work correctly therefore, the skipper isn't aware that equipment on the boat is malfunctioning.

The Unichip Marine module sends detailed engine diagnostic data directly to your vessels MFD therefore, enabling prior warning to potential problems enabling the boats skipper to make early assessment of any engine based issues thus decreasing the chance for your engines to fault whilst at sea.

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The Unichip Marine module, re-organises the multitude of data required by your engine  into one simple, intuitive ECU. The ECU will enable the boats skipper to accurately assess fuel pressure, turbo boost pressure, engine temperature and engine speed with alarms linked to exhaust gas temperature and engine temperature. All items that will increase sea borne safety.

This information is transmitted through a NMEA2000 plug and play communication line, this is standard protocol used to connect marine sensors and display units within marine vessels. The use of engine sensors rather than gauge sensors ensures that the skipper is instantly aware of any breakdown with the mechanical running of your vessels engines.



Improved Communication with Chart Plotters

Digital chart plotters are valuable items of equipment and have the ability to provide so much more data than simply displaying digital charts and water depth. Critical information that comes directly from the engine can also be displayed. With older boats, engine technology is generally old and there is often a lack of effective communication between the MFD and the engine. Most modern chart plotters are expensive however, their available features generally do not work or simply, are not displayed. The solution is an engine interface which are usually costly and have to be wired in via analogue sensors, then configured to work with your equipment.

Unichip Marine provides this diagnostic information with no extra wiring, no expensive computerised configuration and importantly, no calibration. To utilise your chart plotter effectively, simply plug the Unichip Marine between the engine and the engine control module utilising our simple to follow instructions and you will receive this secondary set of engine data directly on your boats chart plotter. It will display boost pressure, fuel pressure, coolant temperature and everything else you need to know. If a problem does occur, and coolant temperature goes too high or fuel pressure dips too much, your chart plotter will immediately display an alarm.





The Unichip Marine module will immediately display much needed diagnostic information directly upon your vessels MFD thus delivering increased safety by understanding how your engine is performing and reducing the potential to break down whilst at sea.

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