Increased Marine Diesel Economy With True Plug and Play Capability!Increased Marine Diesel Economy With True Plug and Play Capability!

How Does Unichip Marine Improve Fuel Economy?

Increased fuel economy and therefore decreased emissions is delivered by improving the controllability of your marine engines. By improving their power delivery, your engines will become far more usable therefore, reducing the fuel used.

“A vessel that delivers enhanced and more controllable performance will always deliver far better fuel usage and will therefore have a distinct advantage over those that don't.”

A key indicator of your boats overall performance is its fuel economy. The only way to accurately assess true economy figures is via accurate data, something that many boat owners don't enjoy.

In order for your engines to perform at the top of their capabilities, they must have a good fuel supply. Due to fuel storage and diesel bugs this can be a challenge particularly in the marine environment. Many older craft do not have fuel pressure sensors in place, despite this being a critical diagnostic aid and importantly, an early warning system for potential problems with fuel filters and pumps.

Unichip Marine enable the power delivery of your marine engines to be perfectly tuned to your usage and importantly the boats hull. This controllability delivers reduced fuel usage which in turn delivers reduced emissions. The Unichip module also sends specific data directly to the helm therefore, enabling far more usability from your boats engines and importantly, your ability to maintain them sufficiently.

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 Power Boat Engine Performance Chip in UK and Europe

The Unichip Marine ECU provides a fully functioning control unit that is truly ‘plug and play'. After installation, immediate fuel savings will be recorded however, this is not all you receive from our module! Your vessels engine data and necessary alarm warnings will be displayed directly on your MFD (Multi-Function Display) chart plotter. These precise figures will enable you to maximise fuel economy which ultimately will save you money. This will also enable you to accurately assess the condition of your engine, identifying issues before they turn into expensive problems.



Reduce Fuel Flow Problems


A particular problem that affects marine pleasure craft is the presence of water or moisture within fuel and the fuel system which therefore, will cause fuel flow problems. Moisture attracts a bacterial growth into the diesel which ultimately blocks fuel filters. This occurrence will lead to fuel starvation and ultimately, to the engine malfunctioning or breaking down. When this occurs, a marine engineer is typically called to diagnose the issue – this is obviously expensive and time consuming.

These tests are simple to run with the right equipment and these potential fuel issues can be mitigated before they become a problem however, many older boats simply do not have this capability. Unichip Marine provides precise diagnostic data to be monitored and sent directly to your helms MFD. Included within the ECU is a range of sensors that highlight and report how your engine is performing. These including fuel pressure sensors, turbo pressure gauges and EGT probes. From these, one can accurately assess how the engine is performing and importantly, if there is a problem with fuel or the engine itself. It is always better to diagnose these issues prior to breakdown!







Power Boat Engine Performance Chip in UK and Europe



Changes to Diesel

The UK's 2021 budget targeted marine fuel users for propulsion of diesel powered private pleasure craft (yachts, canal boats and motorboats) pay white diesel rates even though they use red diesel. The risks and problems associated with white diesel are well known within the marine environment. This highlights the importance for boat owners to have accurate information on the serviceability of their engines. As we all know, fuel is  becoming even more expensive and this therefore makes optimising fuel economy an important consideration for the cost of ownership.

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The Unichip Marine module will immediately optimise your vessels fuel economy delivering decreased cost of ownership and potentially decreased maintenance costs.

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