Plug and Play for the Mercruiser D-Tronic, Kad300 and Volvo Penta Range

How Does Unichip Marine Improve Fuel Economy?

A vessel that can show enhanced performance through better fuel usage has a distinct advantage over those that can’t. A key indicator of your boats overall performance is the fuel economy. The only way you can accurately assess your boat’s economy is with accurate data, something that many boat owners don’t actually have.

In order for your engine to perform it needs a good fuel supply, however this can be a challenge in the marine environment, due to fuel storage and diesel bug. Many older craft do not have fuel pressure sensors in place, despite this providing a critical diagnostic aid and early warning system of any potential problem, with fuel filters and pumps.

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 Power Boat Engine Performance Chip in UK and Europe

The Marine Unichip gives you a fully functioning control unit that will display engine data and alarm warnings on your MFD (Multi-Function Display) chart plotter. With precise figures, you can maximise fuel economy which will save you money, but you’ll also be able to accurately assess the condition of your engine, identifying issues before they turn into expensive problems.



Reduce Fuel Flow Problems

A particular problem that afflicts pleasure craft is the presence of water and moistures which causes fuel flow problems. This moisture attracts a slimy bacterial growth into the diesel, which blocks up fuel filters. This leads to diesel engines suffering fuel starvation, and this naturally leads to the engine breaking down or malfunctioning. If this occurs, a marine engineer is typically called in to run tests – which is expensive and time consuming.

These tests are very simple to run with the right equipment, however, many older boats don’t have this. Unichip Marine gives you all of the tools you need to run a precise diagnostic. Included in the ECU is a range of sensors, including a fuel pressure sensor, turbo pressure gauge and EGT probe. From this you can accurately assess if the engine is performing correctly or whether there is a problem with fuel or the engine.






Power Boat Engine Performance Chip in UK and Europe



Changes to Diesel

The 2008 scheme which allowed users of diesel powered private pleasure crafts (yachts, canal boats and motorboats) to pay white diesel rates even though they use red diesel, is currently under review, with a changes expected in 2022. The risks and problems associated with white diesel are well known, which makes it even more important that boat owners have accurate information about the state of their engines. The potential for fuel becoming even more expensive makes optimising fuel economy even more of an important consideration.

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So if you have an Mercruiser D-Tronic, Kad300 or Volvo Penta engine, or would like a custom fit installation, get in touch with us at Unichip Marine.

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