Optimise Your Vessels Engine Performance to Your Usage and Hull!  

How Does Unichip Marine Lift Performance?

Sports cruisers typically utilise a semi displacement hull and will therefore, not achieve reasonable speeds and subsequent fuel economy / emissions reduction until they are effectively ‘on plane'. Getting on plane quickly is therefore the goal and most boat owners achieve this through increasing hard acceleration. The speed at which this is achieved depends on a number of factors including the weight the boat is carrying, the pitch of the propeller and the design of the hull. For most older boats this would typically take a few minutes however, pushing an underpowered boat onto plane not only strains the engine but can also be unsafe, the bow of the boat being in the air therefore limiting vision.

The Unichip Marine system utilises a state of the art engine control module to provide your engine with increased performance optimising it to your usage and the boats hull. This enables you to reduce the time it takes to get on plane therefore decreasing strain on your engine and fuel used via this period. The system works by utilising sensor data in real time so you can both manage performance and keep the engine within safe parameters. This data is also displayed on a NMEA 2000 MFD/chart plotter providing additional safety visualisation. This enables the increased power to be delivered in a controlled manner.

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Decreasing the time taken to plane makes your boating experience more exhilarating and far more comfortable as you settle into a cruise speed that much faster. Better fuel economy and less strain on the engine mean that you'll also save fuel and money by giving your engine more protection and increasing the effectiveness of it by as much as 30%.


Manageable and Optimised Power Delivery

It is impossible to control and drive a boat effectively without the right information. In this day and age, most vehicles can still operate reliably if there is a fault via a ‘limp' mode. The opposite is true of boats, the technology utilised on boats is basic, for example, if just the engine coolant temperature sensors fail, this result will be a 50% drop in engine performance. As such, it is critical that you have a full understanding of the condition of your boat and engine during operation.

Many boat owners don't have this understanding because they are completely unaware their boat is malfunctioning; their chart plotter isn't communicating with their engine properly or they are simply unable to decipher the information displayed. The Unichip Marine system resolves all of these problems by connecting your engine directly with your chart plotter and presenting this in a simple, intuitive and easy to understand interface. Equipped with this information, you will now be able to properly monitor, control and improve the performance of your pleasure craft reducing the fuel you utilise.


The Unichip Marine module will immediately optimise your vessels fuel economy delivering decreased cost of ownership and potentially decreased maintenance.

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