Why choose Unichip Marine?

Unichip Marine is an affiliate of the Unichip Europe family. 
Unichip Marine is a performance enhancing, fuel efficient upgrade to the engine control module that acts as an fully-functioning control unit, translating typical analogue data into digital.

The brainchild of world-renowned race car tuner Richard Berg, Unichip Marine seeks to bring the marine industry into the 21st century. Maritime vehicles, typically pleasure craft, are decades behind the motor vehicle industry in terms of engine control and emission requirements. 
Richard's experience in working with several 24-hour endurance race car teams has granted him the knowledge that 80% of success boils down to the assurance of reliability. This ethos is the spearhead as to why Unichip Marine is so successful. 





  • Increased performance capability. 
  • Fully functioning digital control unit.
  • Improved fuel efficiency. 
  • Valuable diagnostic aids. 
  • Added engine reliability. 
  • Easy installation.
  • A cost-effective modernisation. 
  • Easier to get on plane.
  • Partnered with Actisense, world-renowned for their NMEA data conversion technology.

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It started on tarmac...

Unichip Europe is an official distributor of the Dastek® Unichip.

Invented in 1995 by Automotive Technician Pieter De Weerdt, the Unichip enables skilled tuners to modify and customise a car's electronics, to increase performance.
Undergoing continual development, the product available today represents the 25th evolution of this technology.

With over 600 Unichip dealers spanning across 57 countries, the Unichip is a fully reprogrammable performance-enhancing chip that works with the majority of cars available in the world today. 


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Based in Basildon, Redline Tuning are pioneers in the Essex tuning scene. Equipped with a state of the art, in-house Dyno Dynamics 4WD rolling road and over 20 years of experience, tuning expert Richard and his technical team have delivered sizeable performance results to an extensive range of vehicles, whilst also providing quality engine management and motorsport prep solutions.

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