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Petrol Injector Cleaning.

Fed up of replacing injectors? So were we

 Boat injectors live a much harder life than their road going counterparts - the marine environment, stagnant / low quality fuel and a lack of annual fuel system maintenance take their toll. 

 One of the most predominant reasons why your injectors fail over time is FOD (or Foreign Object Debris) mixing in with your fuel. Contaminants & debris can be transferred from fuel bowsers, small flakes of paint from the inside of jerry cans and even your own fuel tank corroding will build up over time. 

Your fuel filter does a great job at catching most of this debris. However, smaller particles will pass through this filter. On rough seas with 50% fuel load, your fuel crashes around in your tank, breaking up these particles even more. This is one of the fundamental reasons why your injectors fail.  

If a job's worth doing...

 IMPORTANT: You may have experience with fuel treatments / additives that claim to clean your injectors for  you. While they may do a reasonable job overall, they will not provide a deep clean to the intricate parts such as the injector filter (pictured, right). Additives may alleviate some of the problems, but will not resolve them in the long run. Use our service today and give your injectors the love they need!

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... It's worth doing properly.

 As part of our service, we will replace any small parts that are faulty / damaged (pictured, left), giving you back a set of injectors that are both professionally cleaned and well maintained. Nobody likes replacing their injectors. Use our service so that you don't have to. 


So, let us do the dirty work. 

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  • £20 +VAT per Injector.
  • 3 - 5 working day turnaround.
  • Post OR Drop-off to our workshop.
  • Professional service + part replacement if necessary. 




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Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I clean my boat injectors?

A boat's fuel injectors spray/ inject fuel into the intake manifold /cylinders at a precise angle.  Usage, environmental factors and poor fuel quality are some of the more common reasons as to why your injectors need a little tender loving care. Failure to stay on top of this will result in a reduction in fuel efficiency, difficulty starting your engine, idling problems, and engine misfires. Your dirty little injectors will have a massive impact on your overall boating health and experience - best to stay on top of it.

What can I expect from Unichip Marine's professional injector cleaning service?

 Firstly, once your injectors are in our hands, they'll be flow tested. They'll then be stripped & ultrasonically cleaned in our state of the art machine. Once this process has finished, they'll be flow tested once more before they return to you. Small mechanical parts such as filters, o-rings, and pintal caps will be replaced if faulty / damaged, complimentary to the service we provide. 


How often should I clean my injectors? 

The answer to this depends on multiple factors. However, a general rule of when you should be cleaning your injectors lies at around 300 engine run-time hours, or 3 - 4 years. The overall integrity of your engine components, fuelling quality & your overall engine upkeep will all have contributing factors. 

How much better will my boat's performance be once they're clean? 

We can't put a percentage or figure on how much power you've lost due to clogged injectors. Go into your garden and partially put your thumb over the end of your hose. That's how your poor injectors are feeling right now. You will however see a slight increase in fuel economy, an increase in power now your engine's getting the fuel it needs, and a much smoother engine idle speed depending on their condition.  

Can't I just clean them myself?

We would not recommend you clean them yourself. You may use carb cleaner + compressed air on your injectors, and you may see some of the associated benefits of a professional clean.

HOWEVER. This may seem to remedy some of the issues you're experiencing, but could lead to major issues further down the line. If the debris is not completely removed, it can cause your injectors to leak, and can also cause fuel to wash the oil away from your cylinder walls. This, in turn, will cause friction, potentially resulting in engine meltdown. 

Trying to cut costs can and will cost you a fortune in the long run. Avoid the hassle and enquire about our boat specialist petrol injector cleaning service today

Injector Cleaning Tips.

Buying a set of quality injectors may increase power output due to the lack of physical defects. Lower quality injectors can leak oil out of the solenoids, literally leaking horsepower! Always do your research, read consumer reviews and be prepared to pay a premium when making mechanical decisions to your pride and joy.

Ensuring your boat has a high grade fuel filter / water separator system will improve injector longevity. You minimize the risk of contaminants clogging up your injectors, meaning you'll need less injector maintenance in the long run. 

Using fresh, high quality fuel will also minimize the risk of clogging up injectors. Marine fuels are notoriously lower quality than their road going counterparts. Stagnant fuel increases the risk of contamination and lowers the overall fuel quality.  



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