Increased Fuel Efficiency - increased Power
Reduced Emissions - Increased Safety



Increase your boats fuel efficiency with improved power delivery.

Full ‘plug and play' engine management designed specifically for the marine environment.

Unichip Marine have designed and supply the first Engine Control Unit (ECU) designed purely for the marine environment. This sophisticated system will ensure your boat returns much improved fuel economy, better performance, improved safety and importantly decreases emissions emitted.

Many owners are blissfully unaware that old technology and the marine environment combine to ensure many boats suffer from niggling engine problems. Some are related to fuel flow issues due to poor fuel quality, others are related to engines being old and warn however, both issues mean fuel efficiency decreases and the emissions emitted increase.

Unichip Marine have designed a sophisticated ECU targeting only marine engines to overcome this issue. By managing your boats power delivery and personalizing that precisely to your boats hull ensures far increased power delivery, reducing emissions emitted therefore increasing sea board safety. Your kit provides all hardware and full instructions to deliver a truly ‘plug and play' engine management system, compatible with many different engines currently utilized within leisure marine.

Although the Unichip Marine is a plug and play system, custom fit installations are possible on all engines from our fully trained engine specialists. This ensures perfectly matched unit to hull so individual maps can be personalized during sea trials thus increasing further the fuel efficiency of your engine.

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 Unichip Marine Power Boat Engine Performance Chip



Unichip Marine utilises engine sensors, not gauge sensors. These provide a true understanding of your engine enabling both the boat and engine to be tailored to the hull it drives ultimately delivering precise data displayed directly on your boats MFD. This enables the boats skipper to better control power delivery and importantly, accurately gauge the health of your engine.

As the Unichip Marine ECU is truly ‘plug and play', installation is quick, simple and very easy to manage.

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Improved Economy

Do you know your vessels fuel usage figures? You will probably have a chart plotter on board however, if your engine is old, the plotter and engine may not communicate with each other. If any gauges, sensors or fuel flow, are not working correctly then you may not even know the correct data. Unichip Marine provide all the precise data you need to manage your marine diesel engine efficiently. Improving your boats economy not only reduces running costs, importantly it also reduces emissions.

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Increased Safety

Faulty electronics affecting gauges and warning systems mean that many operators are completely unaware of how impaired their engines actually are. This can be a significant cause of engine failure and therefore, poor performance. Unichip Marine's ECU transmits accurate data through engine sensors to provide two sets of instrumentation. Your vessels skipper will therefore have complete understanding of your engine and how it is running enabling efficient and economical usage.  

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Superior Performance

Unichip Marine utilises a state of the art engine control unit specifically designed for the marine environment to provide your engine with better fuel economy via more usable performance.

Improved engine performance ensures more efficient running, enabling your vessel to reach the plane quicker and cruise at less rev's therefore, reducing engine strain and ensuring more efficiency. This improvement can reduce your fuel usage by more than 30%.

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Is Your Boat in Good Working Order?

We all think it is however, does your boat suffer from any of the following issues:


 Power Boat Engine Performance Chip in UK and Europe

 Loss of cruising performance


 Increased engine strain


  Slower reaching plane




  Using more fuel

Do you have possible engine damage?


Do you have damage to the turbo charger?



If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the only way to identify the problem source is by answering the following:

  • Are your temperature gauges reading correctly?
  • Is your turbo waste gate functioning corectly?
  • Is your fuel economy the same as the stated figure?
  • Are your turbos delivering the right level of boost?
  • Is your engine timing set correctly?
  • What is your fuel pressure like?

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Why Choose Unichip Marine

  Unichip Marine are fully NMEA2000 compatible.

  Your vessel will immediately increase both power and torque by up to 30%.

  The data omitted provides a level of safety not available on any other platform. 

  The Unichip Marine system is a truly ‘plug and play' installation and uninstalation. There is no calibration, no laptop and no wires needed.  Simply plug it in and go. 

  The Unichip Marine ECU is based on tried and tested hardware used in many varying forms of internal combustion engines. The unit simply sits between the engine and its control module.

  Once fitted, the ECU can be further tuned in a live environment therefore, adjustments can be made enabling optimum results specific to your individual setup.

  The Unichip Marine module has been specifically designed for boats and to operate in a marine environment.

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The Unichip Marine system utilises a state-of-the-art engine control module to provide your engine with better fuel economy and increased performance. The module also sends information to your compatible multi-function display/chart plotter.

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 Power Boat Engine Performance Chip

About Unichip Marine

Unichip Marine was formed as a partnership between a renowned race car engine tuner and the owner of a UK based boat chandlery and marina. Both having many years of experience working first with the best motorsport teams and secondly understanding requirements for marine engines. The passion is engines, making them safer, more reliable and consequently, more powerful.

Initially purchasing a SeaRay 215 with a Mercruiser petrol engine it was quickly established how archaic, marine engine technology was, especially in engine control and emission requirements – this being reflected in the poor performance of this boat.

With the background in engine technology, the boats engines were quickly modified, vastly improving performance and reliability. Speaking with other boat and pleasure craft owners, it was recognised how common it was for boat owners to experience niggling engine problems and poor performance / economy.

Problems, often caused by faulty wiring or gauges, could simply be improved utilising a modified version of technology currently used in the automotive industry. The idea for Unichip Marine was born – a simple to install system yet, sophisticated in its control and personalised to a marine environment that would provide boat owners with the precise information they need to control fuel economy, manage safety and improve performance.

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Unichip Marine v2 

Unichip is an advanced performance module that is designed specifically for the marine environment to provide greater control over how your boat operates. The Unichip is fitted as a ‘piggyback', between the engines ECU and the engine sensors. It takes over nearly all engine outputs so they can be precisely tailored to your boats exact specifications. If you are looking to decrease the cost of ownership whilst increasing power and control and importantly decreasing emissions significantly, Unichip Marine is the only way this can be actioned.



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